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We all know businesses are looking for more effective ways to deliver value to their clients. Plugz Strategic Services was founded on this idea.

Plugz is the global digital Strategy & Integrated marketing communications agency of Worldwide Brands. We bring raw ideas to life. Our limitless potentials are evident in the services we provide to our clients.
We pride ourselves in using a modern and smart workflow as well as industry best practices to create durable solutions to our clients’ business challenges.

At plugz, we believe in the idea of start-up and revamping and our vision is to offer our clients a holistic portfolio covering all areas of knowledge of digital strategy and marketing communications to provide a fully customized consulting service on digital barriers and opportunities.

How It Works


Before you jump into the development arena with all guns blazing, let our research boffins crawl all over your strategy to make sure it will stack up against the jaws of other companies. We will help you create a financial model, carry out a sweep of the competitive landscape and write up that business plan you have been procrastinating over.


At Plugz, we imagine outside what is “Possible”, We foster Creativity that challenges constraints and drives Progress ultimately. We're revolutionising the way businesses, Products and Ideas are Presented. Our priority is to create solutions to technological and digital problems which makes business and process unnecessarily complicated.


This is where the fun begins. Until now, you have imagined your idea in your head and used the power of words (and possibly hands) to transfer it into other people's heads. Well the time has come to pour the fruits of that labour in our development blender and create something beautiful. Once you taste your creation, you will want more of something and less of something else! That's alright:) our development team is slick enough for your idea.

What we offer

Business Branding

Your business is as good as the identity it carries. Build a strong brand that drives engagement and establishes credibility.

Website Development & SEO

creating a high-performance website is the center of marketing your business. Plugz, will increase your business visibility, traffic and sales leads.

Mobile App Design

Mobile app development is much more than just an App. It’s delivering what a user needs the moment they need it. We have been intensively developing mobile...

digital media marketing

Plugz, can create highly targeted ads on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other channels to quickly and effectively reach your potential customers.

Traditional Media Marketing

We pride ourselves as a creative marketing agency that takes all necessary steps towards increasing visibility, awareness and generating...

Brand Activation

As an agency that specializes in creating total brand experiences. We create promotional events, media productions and experiential marketing...


Plugz is here with a Bespoke Marketing Solution

Our digital marketing services are tailored to every client’s specific needs. With a full suite of capabilities, our strategy is an all-encompassing resource for distinct clients in luxury, including brands, businesses, new developments, hospitality, real estate and even the health industry. We try to close the gap between innovation and opportunity.
  • - We create value for our clients' business by ensuring sales & leads are generated
  • - We help you build a community of advocates
  • - We make digital products and experiences that have lasting impact
  • - We create actionable insights to make sure your business is at the forefront of your industry

Core Values


We will remain dynamic in adopting new ideas, technologies and strategies to add more value to our clients. We will remain a team that is constantly learning and developing.


We will always do our possible best to be of service in meeting the demands of our clients and do more also; in service to God and humanity.


We will be consistently deploying the highest ethical and professional standards in all our business operations and deliverables to our clients.


Time is of essence, so we will work efficiently and effectively in meeting the demands of our clients; every demand will be met in the shortest possible time.

Team Spirit

We value unity and that is one of the keys to our success. We will continually continue to develop one another to achieve excellence. At Plugz, everyone is a winner.


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Our Features


Our teams consist of experts with vast experience and different skill sets across our line of business. In addition to the various team members vast experience and knowledge, Plugz is a place for continuous learning and career growth. Our teams at all times demonstrate an exceptional level of professionalism and excellence.


To know where you’re heading, you have to know where you are right now. So before we start looking ahead, we will review past performances or (and) the current situation. Generate standard processes and systems that will solve current problems.


The quality of work is extremely important to us. We are committed to quality service delivery and on time as well. We have maintained a continuous desire to deliver properly finished systems to our clients and as at when due.

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About Plugz

The Global Digital Strategy & Integrated Marketing Communications Agency of Worldwide Brands.
We Have One Objective – Business Growth
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